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With three different European research centers and hospitals, Italy is the first country in Europe for the highest success rate in treating and researching cancers. Italian excellence is to be found in the sum of different approach that together allow a longer life to patients than in any other country of Europe. The focus is on approaching cancer from a multidisciplinary point of view: cancer patients receive support from not just their Oncologist. They are followed by several specialists in order to guarantee dignity to the patients as human beings during their battle against the cancer. A tailored therapy path and painless treatments are our first aim for our patients. This is also why we value the so called “Onco-genetics”: that is the analysis of the patient’s DNA to prescribe the most effective medicine for each case. Such exam is highly useful even for cancer prevention.


Joints are the base of our mobility. Therefore, a minimally invasive approach is Italy’s focus on this delicate surgical field. Such procedure choice ensures precision, faster recovery time and a higher chance of regaining complete functionality of the joint. Our long history in Orthopedics made Italy the cutting-edge country on the field. This allowed Italian Doctors and Hospitals to develop a highly successfully diagnosing and prevention department, along with facing two separate types of patients: elderlies with fragile fractures and younger adults whose fractures are due to accidents. Whatever the case of each patient, anyway, the final outcome is the same: surgical implanting material that can undergo CT and MRI machines and multidisciplinary rehabilitation.


Majority of cases need a reparation or substitutive surgery operation. To achieve the highest success from it, a minimally invasive approach is necessary. With this in mind, Italian Cardiology Centers can pride a 90% success rate on their operations. Avoiding an invasive surgery, in fact, hospitalization period and complications are reduced. Most recent improvements to the approach allowed also to operate without stopping the heart from beating, maintaining the natural blood flow pumped in the patient body. ICU is anyway necessary immediately after the surgery. Patients there will be closely monitored