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Italy is one of the most visited contries in the world, thanks to its beauties, its history and its landscapes. While a beautiful environment and a cuisine renown worldwide and, in general, the most relaxing lifestyle are all propedeutic to a person’s wellbeing in general, the country i salso known for its National Healthcare. With its 1.200 Hospitals all certified by AGENAS, the country is a rising star in global healthcare: Bloomberg puts the country as the top healthiest in the world and, considering that 80% of the top doctors in the globe have studied and trained in Italy, this does not come as a surprise. This company’s mission is to make it all easy for the foreign patient: with us you will find an experienced and well prepared team that will always be there with and for you. We are counselors that will always be on your side but, also, so much more than this: we pledge to create a full italian experience around a needing person, aiming to the best outcome possible, always. Our assistance and support service include a mother tongue speaking staff, fully trained in safe driving, medical terminology and assistance of suffering people. You will forget of your condition, enjoying a vacation while enjoying a real vacation in Italy. You will be able to finally see places like Venice, Verona, Rome, Milan, Florence, Pompei: cities well known for their beauty but, also, for the medical excellences they offer. Currently we are working using three major branches in Medicine: Cardiology, Oncology and, the one we started with, our crown jewel, Rheumatology. For each branch we are in contact with the best facilities available in the country with one of the best working Healthcare systems. By contacting us, you know that you will be in great, caring hands and will access the best treatments in the market: after a couple of e-mails all you will have to do is book your flights and we are ready to start!

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